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This page is a service for the members of our church community.  You may be in need of a product or a service.  Or you may have a business you'd like others to be aware of.  This may be prove a great opportunity for you.

Share what you have to offer, explore new possibilities.  For business owners, you can help to build relationship with this church family (and others who arrive at this website).  This could be a way to strengthen your business and your church and the Kingdom of God.

May it be honouring to the Lord and be a blessing to you.

Current advertising listings

  • A few tips:
    • Please ensure the scope of any work is in writing and the business is properly registered and insured.
    • Get at least three (3) references where applicable.
    • Do your homework: research the business you are considering hiring.  
    • In all things, use wisdom & common sense.

    • If you're pleased with the work, tell others.
  • Advertisers:
  • Includes: Online ad, weekly or monthly
  • Affordable.  Monthly rate available.
  • Text only but can include a link to your website
  • Maximum 100 words
  • All submissions subject to review and cannot be changed once approved.
  • Only electronic payments will be accepted.  Payments to
  • No refunds for cancellations.  Cancellations need to be made in writing.
  • All rates subject to change without notice.

The businesses listed in our directory are business owners who are members or affiliates of this congregation, or businesses who have served Northminster Baptist over the years.  Our directory gives you an opportunity to connect with Christ serving businesses and church members.  Northminster Baptist Church reserves the right to refuse advertisements that do not comply with our guidelines, contain inappropriate or unacceptable content or violates the laws of either the province of Ontario or Canada.  NOTE: Northminster Baptist does not expressly endorse any of the businesses in this directory and cannot be held responsible for transactions between businesses and consumers.

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