Timeline of Key Events


November 13, 1947
Humberlea Baptist Church founded in Mr. & Mrs. R. I. Ormiston's Weston garage


May 8, 1950
Basement church opened at 2810 Weston Rd.Humberlea Baptist


June 18, 1953
Humberlea received into membership by the Fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches of Canada (later called the FEBC)


April 14, 1956
Completed sanctuary and Christian education wing opened


October 1964
• 2.5 acre site purchased at 1725 Finch Ave. W.
• Name officially changed to Northminster Baptist Church

December 6, 1964
Sunday School & morning worship services started in Topcliff Ave. Public School (while evening services continued at Humberlea church bldg) 


June 23, 1965
Building committee elected

September 19, 1965
Sunday School & morning worship services started at C.W. Jefferys Sec. School  


March 13, 1966
Last service held at Humberlea

March 18, 1966
Weston Rd. property sold  

March 20, 1966
Evening services started at Yorkwoods Village Community Centre  

April 20, 1966
The church retained architect Wallace Sherriff 

July-August 1966
Joint summer services held with Downsview Baptist Church


April 9, 1967
Official ground breaking ceremony

May 1, 1967
Building contract signed (Fairwin Construction Co.)  

June 18, 1967
Stone laying ceremony

July-August 1967
Joint summer services held with Downsview Baptist Church 

October 15, 1967
Opening of Northminster Baptist Church 

"The official opening of the new church premises on Sunday 15th October, 1967 marks the culmination of a venture of faith which began three years ago when the present site was purchased by the membership of Humberlea Baptist Church.  At that time, it was decided to move from Weston to Downsview North, where the projected population exceeds that of the old location by several times, but where so few churches exist.  And so Northminster Baptist came into being with the object of setting up a lighthouse of truth, shining out the Good News of the Gospel to the burgeoning York University area."

Rev. W. Arnold McNeill, Pastor (October 1967)


Spring - Summer 2017
• Significant renovations to Northminster building
• Joint services with Lisle Memorial Baptist Church

Sunday, October 15, 2017
50th Anniversary celebrated (TO THE DAY)
Participants included founder Mr. Ormiston and Rev. Arnold 

November 2017
70th Anniversary celebrated (Founding of Humberlea Baptist, which became Northminster Baptist)


"The purpose of Northminster Baptist Church is to strike a positive spiritual note in a secularized and materialistic society.   We make no apology for believing and teaching the Bible as the Word of God.  Its message is right up to date because man's needs today are basically no different than when the Bible was written.  It is true that life is much more complex today than it was even a generation ago, let alone millennia ago.  And it is true that man, through his scientific acocmplishments, is seemingly more self-sufficient and self-reliant than ever before.  And yet, with all of his intellectual and scientific attainments, the peace and faith and security that only Jesus Christ can give continues to elude him.

The object of our church is to faithfully proclaim the truths of the Bible which can transform a purposeless life into one with meaning and direction.  The methods we use to communicate this message are constantly up-dated.  We continually evaluate our methods in order to adjust to changing times.  We welcome investigation.  Dialogue is encouraged. We have committed ourselves to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of our lives.  And we are committed to the belief that the Scriptures are authoritative.  But we welcome the opportunity to present our position in an atmosphere of mutual respect with those who may disagree with us."

"In a day when the prophets of doom are prophesying the demise of the church, here is a church which is alive with the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.  Come and worship with us regularly each Lord's Day.  Here you will hear "God's Book of the Ages for Man's Need of the Hour."

WORSHIP: Sun 10:30am
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