Leaders Through the Years

A Quick Glimpse at servants of the Lord who have shepherded the NBC congregation since 1947

Mr. Harold Scott
Served as student pastor from the fall of 1947 until the fall of 1951.

Rev. W. Arnold McNeil
Served 1952-1955.

Rev. Albert Jones
Ministered from 1955 until his homegoing in 1959.

Mr. Herbert Wilson
Assistant to Rev. Jones; served 1958-1960.

Rev. W. Arnold McNeil
Served a second term: 1960-1970.

Dr. Roy Matheson
Interim Pastor.  Served in 1970.

Rev. Richard Mitchell
Was called in 1971.  Served until 1973, when he began a teaching ministry.

Rev. Murray McLeod
Interim Pastor.  Served 1974-1975.

Mr. William Huggins
Pastored the church 1975-1976 (when he was called to Bramalea Baptist as youth pastor.

Rev. Vince Trimmer
Interim Pastor.  Served 1977-1979.

Rev. Bryan Swash
Assisted Pastor Huggins as a student pastor and then, in 1979, formed a team ministry with Roy Grant as co-pastors.  Rev. Swash served until 1990, when he was called to Dorset Park Baptist Church.

Rev. Roy Grant
Served with Bryan Swash as co-pastor.  Rev. Grant served until 1983, when he was called to a church in Little Briton.

Pastor John Roberts
Pastored from 1990 until 1992.

Pastor Willi Kurtz
Served 1992-2002 and then as Pastor Emeritus 2002-2003.  Pastor Willi went to be with the Lord in October, 2003.

Pastor Rodney Hufnagel
Assisted Pastor Willi 1994-2002 and was shepherd of the flock 2002-2008.

Mr. Lyle Brown
Served as assistant Pastor, 2006-2009, and helped to navigate the church through some rough waters.

Pastor Rob Hayes
Interim Pastor.  Served 2009-2010.

Pastor Steven Van Dyck
Served as Senior Pastor 2010-2016 and then formed a pastoral team with Pastor Kamyl Cadinouche in 2016.  Pastor Van Dyck recently returned from sabbatical, during which time he served in a teaching ministry at Shalom University in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pastor Kamyl Cadinouche
Current Pastor of Northminster Baptist, having served with Pastor Van Dyck since 2016.  "To God be the Glory."

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