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There are many ways we can serve God and we're each being equipped for areas of ministry which match the ways we're wired (personality, spiritual giftedness) and our cumulative experience in the Lord's service.  Are you considering where God would have you?

You may be interested in beginning a ministry and that's wonderful.  There will be challenges on the path but also blessings in that no challenges are too great for the One we serve, as long as He's leading the way.  As you're looking to Him for direction, here are a just a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Looking back?
    • How have you seen God work?
    • Has He met needs?
    • What have you gained through this experience?  How has it helped shape you and prepare you to continue moving forward?  What have you learned about yourself and your walk with your Heavenly Father?
    • What are you in involved in now?
      • What do you enjoy about your current form(s) of service?
      • What would you like to change, if anything?
      • Do you enjoy working alongside others?  Does it help to have others guide you, assigning you tasks, or are you more of a servant-leader?
      • Does it seem time to take new steps?  Are you ready to let Him lead your next steps, wherever they go and whatever form they take?
    • Looking ahead
      • The ministry you see yourself involved in, how does it look?
      • Why do you want to pursue this direction?  How would it be unique or similar to others?
      • What support will you need / do you have?
      • Is your first objective to glorify God?

    So that we can help you explore this and join with you in praying about it, why not contact us?  We can discuss it, maybe offer some insight, consider where this could go?  Just click on the button directly below.  (It'll open a form where "Start a new Ministry" is a preset option.

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    Whether you're looking for a church family or just "browsing," we welcome you!  If you have a question of a spiritual nature, do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be delighted to help you find the answer.

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