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Pastor Kamyl Cadinouche

Kamyl Cadinouche has been a missionary, pastor and Bible teacher for the past four decades.  Both he and his wife, Lorraine, are graduates of Ontario Bible College (Tyndale College and Seminary).  After serving twenty years in a church planting and leadership development ministry on his native Mauritius, under AEF (SIM), they returned to Canada.  From 1995 to 2005, Kamyl was seconded to IVCF to reach international students on university campuses, primarily at the University of Toronto (St. George).  He also pastored three different churches in Toronto before coming to Northminster Baptist Church.  Kamyl and Lorraine have three grown children.  His other passions in life are painting, music and God's creation.

REFLECTION:  Preaching / Teaching (from the Pulpit)

"Biblical preaching done through the Holy Spirit, based on God's Word, is the proclamation of God's truth, to exalt Christ Jesus, edify and equip believers for service and bring glory to the triune God, through every day living."

Preaching is not only a passion of mine, it is a calling.  God calls specific individuals and equips them to preach his word in an authentic fashion and communicate biblical concepts that are relevant and resonate with the hearers.  In my opinion, one of the most significant passages on the role of the preacher and pastor can be summed up in John 21:15-17.   This memorable episode conveys the heart of shepherding and preaching.  Each time Peter responded positively to Jesus' question, He said to him, "Feed my lambs," ... "Take care of my sheep," ... "Feed my sheep."  That is the heart of preaching and the first duty of the pastor/preacher.

In preparing sermons, it is imperative that the preacher seeks God's guidance through constant prayer and diligent study of the Bible, to know Gods mind.  Following that there is the building of the body of the sermon.  A good introduction does catch the attention of the audience, but is not as important as the way the sermon is delivered.  Preparation is not everything, the delivery is as crucial.  The same sermon, containing the same words, spoken by two different individuals can convey two different messages.  If not delivered by the enabling of the Spirit, it will be like a dry lecture.  Through prayer, the Holy Spirit prepares and energizes the preacher, who in turn speaks with power, conviction and passion.  Then the sermon accomplishes God's purpose, resulting in transformed lives.

Pastor Kamyl


"We exist to glorify God through authentic worship, Bible-centered preaching and teaching, equipping believers for service and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost world." 

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