Statement Of Faith

We believe God has inspired the Holy Bible to reveal Himself to humanity.  It is of infallible divine authority and is without error in all its teaching.  (Verses)  

We believe in a single eternal and infinitely perfect God who is a Trinity of the three equal persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  (Verses)  

We believe God the Father is spirit, eternal and perfect.  He created humanity to glorify Him and enjoy His love forever.  He is the author of the plan of salvation.  (Verses)  

We believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God the Father, truly divine and truly human.  We believe in His eternal existence with the Father in pre-incarnate glory, in His virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, triumphant ascension, intercessory ministry and personal return.  He is the only Saviour of the world.  (Verses)  

We believe that the Holy Spirit is one of the three divine persons of the Trinity.  He convicts of sin, acts to regenerate, sanctify, illuminate, comfort, seal, indwell, and fill believers; and teaches and empowers them to do God's will..  (Verses)  

We believe Satan to be a created being, a fallen angel, the originator of sin and the archenemy of God and His people.  (Verses)  

God created humanity in His own image, both male and female, that they might have fellowship with Him.  They freely chose to rebel against God incurring God's just wrath and resulting in separation, mortality and a sinful nature inherited by all humans.  Being morally imperfect, humans depend entirely upon God for salvation.  (Verses)  

Salvation is God's regenerating, justifying, sanctifying, and glorifying gift to each believer. Salvation is by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.  (Verses)  

We believe that the universal church is the company of all born again persons forming a living spiritual body and acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ as its head.  Jesus Christ chooses to form His church by bringing together believers for the purpose of worship, witness, fellowship, and ministry (both spiritual and social).  We recognize the church universal as all who truly profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  We believe that the church is visibly expressed in local congregations.  Each local church must thus be made up of believers who are incorporated into the local church through the activity of the Holy Spirit..  (Verses)  

We believe in the resurrection of the saved to eternal life, and the lost to eternal damnation.  In eternity, we will praise God and enjoy His love forever.  (Verses)  

We believe that there are only two ordinances regularly observed in the New Testament: Baptism and The Lord's Supper (Communion).

We believe in believer's baptism by immersion in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  (Verses)  

We believe that the Lord's Supper is the commemoration of Jesus's death until He returns and should be preceded always by solemn self-examination.  (Verses)  

We believe that the first day of the week, Sunday, is the Lord's Day and that it is the divinely appointed day for corporate worship and spiritual exercise.  (Verses)  

We believe in the independence of the church from the state and in divine appointment of government leaders.  Church and state are, however, under obligation to recognize and reinforce each other as each seeks to fulfill its divine function.  The function of individual believers and the church is to become part of the conscience of the community and nation, including shaping public opinion on moral legislation.  (Verses)  

We believe each believer has a personal relationship with God, is accountable to Him, and should live a life pleasing to Him.  (Verses)  

We believe God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society.  It is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood, or adoption.  At its core are one man and one woman united in marriage in covenant commitment for a lifetime.  (Verses)  

We believe that it is the responsibility of all believers to do their part to witness to unbelievers about God's love and gift to them, and to spread the Gospel of Christ to all the world.  (Verses)  

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