A University Student's Quest For God

As a young man, there are many confusing experiences and tests that you go through in life.  That was the case for me.  I found that I was searching for something, I was not sure what it was but there was a deep longing for something greater.  While at York University, I studied Philosophy and even there I did not find the answer to my deep need.  When someone shared the gospel with me, I still had to understand it for myself , from an intellectual point of view.  It had to make sense. Not only did Jesus make sense and passed every test, he filled my heart with joy and changed my life.

I decided to follow Jesus in 2011, during my time at York University.  Being the only believer in my family, I was told by another believer soon after my conversion that I would need to find a body of believers to connect with.  Northminster Baptist Church was the closest church to my school, so I decided to go there.  The first thing that struck me during my initial visit was the warmth and love of the people.  I vividly remember an older lady walking up to me, hugging me, and introducing herself during the “Meet and Greet” time.  I knew nothing of the specific doctrines that the congregation held to, nothing of the Baptist denomination, and none of that mattered then.  It was the love and acceptance that I received that had me coming back—the community.  My 5+ years serving there taught me a lot about the Body of Christ, meeting needs (whatever they are), and how only Jesus can truly lead His church.

Northminster Baptist Church was the first body of believers I was connected with as a Christian, and while I am no longer living in Toronto, every visit is a welcome home.

--- Adam

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