The Faithfulness of God in a New Land

It is not every time that an immigrant professional gets to have his ambition fulfilled.  While Canada is a great land of opportunity, many professional immigrants find it difficult or impossible to get back into their professions. I had heard that it would be difficult but somehow I believed God would see us through.

When you set forth on this journey to get licensed, within the shortest time possible, you realize the huge undertaking that this is.  When that is fulfilled in less than five years, you look back and realize it was not just your efforts but the divine intervention of GOD.  He moves mountains and there is nothing impossible with God.  Your faith is strengthened even more when you get the job you want immediately when you get the license to practice your profession. God works miracles, as it were then, so they are and shall ever be.

We appreciate God’s favour in the life of our family, for planting us among the loving Christian-family of Northminster
Baptist Church (1725 Finch Avenue West Toronto) and for his blessings and miracles in our family. We give testimony to God's miracles of our trust in his infinite mercies to grant us our desire as the license, and job, materialized.  HALLELUJAH.

Be part of testimony giving people of faith in God, experience God’s blessings and powers, fellowship with other loving
people of the church, you will experience a true blessed time.  Worship hours 10.30-12.30 on Sundays, with refreshments afterwards ... and opportunity to learn more about Christianity faith in the "Defenders" class immediately afterwards.

---Jacob & Eunice Ayoola

WORSHIP: Sun 10:30am
1725 Finch Ave West
Toronto, ON  M3N1M6

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