Getting Our Children Involved

Early and Often

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24 v.15b

How do we do this?
Making God the centre of everything we do will enable us to serve Him.  When we’re not serving Him, then we find ourselves
living for our own feelings, comfort, entertainment and success.  It feels good at first, but it ends in emptiness, as we miss out on the real joy and fulfilment of living our lives with the Lord, serving His purposes and using the gifts He’s given us.  

We know that an important way to serve God is to be involved in our own church family.  Even before we were parents, we made it our priority to be at our church and to get involved in ministry there.  When we became parents, we wanted our children to catch hold of this priority too.  We realized that our example to our children was very important.  So, by God’s grace, our children never missed an opportunity to be in church on Sunday, brought mostly by both of us, but sometimes by one parent or the other, when one of us was not able to come to church.

We have been blessed through being part of our caring church family, who have walked with us through various stages of our lives.  We experience great teamwork and fellowship at church and are challenged and encouraged to have a deeper personal relationship with God.  We are thankful and often amazed to see the Lord giving us the ability to serve Him in various ways.  We are also joyful to see how our children have come to faith and are growing in the way they are involved in serving the Lord at Northminster Baptist Church.

Dan and Lynda Catanus

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